Thai massage or traditional massage is more than just the medical treatment of pain only. However, due to the evolution of medical progress is made with a therapeutic massage in the past that we have lost the only known treatment for the treatment of pain, which has a real massage. more useful.

Massage is both an art and science that have been around since the ancient instinct of survival. When the pain or illness is often fondle, squeeze, massage the area that aches loosen the instinct to touch, rub or press and then action can be analyzed back at the beginning of human evolution. Not only humans but animals, feeding the hand or foot massage for pain. Massage in the development of a recognized and organized action, and in the manner of these at first it was by accident I began to notice the effect of squeezing massage at some point or some way to have it. the experience and knowledge passed down as well.

Massage has become one of the disciplines the treatment of disease or something. Compression body massage that stimulates the flow of blood to the blood vessels that narrow path of growth. Flexible muscles can relax and indulge yourself.

Massage therapy is also considered as a traditional treatment that may be called the oldest in the world. Therefore, the treatment may be called a science of relaxation due to a variety of massage and Thai massage is more that we know well. To massage spa with essential fragrances. Of natural gas into its components, but the treatment is all that is great for relaxing the muscle. Comfort and treatment of pain.

Massage is not only to treat illness. The value is the process of health care and treatment. Based on the principle that the people who provide the treatment, which is a chiropractor with patients treated. Massage affects the whole body and mind relax muscle pain and fatigue of the body. For any symptoms until a fresh mind and body relax as the relationship between family and social interaction among one another.

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